Simplifying Podcasting
for Beginners

At Shanda Studio, we're on a mission to demystify podcasting for beginners. Our goal is to simplify the podcasting process, making it intuitive and accessible to everyone, especially newcomers.

We aim to eliminate the complexities of traditional audio editing and provide an affordable, user-friendly solution.

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What We Offer

Shanda Studio's AI-powered app streamlines podcast production, making content creation effortless. Explore our unique features!

Streamlined Podcast Editing Workflow

Save time and effort with our streamlined editing tools, so you can focus on telling captivating stories.

Text-Based Audio Editing

Intuitive and beginner-friendly text-based audio editing for an easy podcasting experience.

Instant Publishing

Connect seamlessly with platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts for instant sharing of your stories worldwide.

How Shanda Studio Works

Our platform follows a simple 5-step process to transform your raw audio into a polished podcast:


upload audio file


Edit audio transcript with ease


Add intro and outro music


Automate episode titles and descriptions.


Review and Publish your podcast


Built by Podcasters for Podcasters

Shanda Studio was created by Podcasters who have experienced firsthand the struggles of starting and substaining a podcast. We’ve felt the frustration of getting overwhelmed by the process and the risk of burnout.

That’s why Shanda Studio is built with a deep understading of what podcatsers need and want.

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